Yo Mighty – We Are Mighty, YouTube Mash-up

Received this fun video in my inbox today from a mysterious Danish collective known simply as Yo Mighty!

The video for the single ‘We Are Mighty’ features a whole host of memorable people and TV clips, celebrating the worlds most mighty – I had to play the video several times just to challenge myself on how many I could pick out!

The catchy song sounds like something Daft Punk or Basement Jaxx would produce but I struggled to find out any more about them. Very little is known about the secretive genre hopping eclectic Danish music producers as they keep their identities secret from even their record label. Tigersprings (label) recently stated: “They just send us the tracks and we release them, we don’t have a clue who the hell they are, they could be my mother for all I know. They make great music so we try not to ask too many questions.”

Now with a phenomenal video to support their anthemic single ‘We are Mighty!’ – there will be no stopping this track from reach a remarkeble level success in their native Denmark as well as across the globe.

How many people can you spot?

Let me know what you think?

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