The Doctors Orders Turns 10

The Doctor’s Orders turns 10 A decade of Hip Hop’s best international acts on the UK scene

10thBday PremoFatimaOwls_ONlIne“The Kings of the Capital’s Hip Hop scene”, as TimeOut Magazine described The Doctor’s Orders, is turning 10 this year. Over this decade of activity, it managed to grow from just a monthly Hip Hop party into a bridge between the UK and US in terms of this musical scenery.

Rod ‘Spin Doctor’ Gilmore, the man behind the powerful brand, started The Doctor’s Orders (TDO) “as a lucky accident” as he calls it. But given the etymology of his name, the success witnessed by the brand shouldn’t come as a surprise. Both Rod’s father and grandfather were doctors, his mother a nurse and from a young age he’s been passionate about spinning records for the fellow Hip Hop heads. It all came together, 10 years later, as a force on the UK scene.

It was 2005 when, at Herbal, he had organized the first ever TDO party. Being so close to Spin’s birthday, he named it The Doctor’s Orders, “just as a one time thing”. Everyone was “banging the UK Hip Hop drum” at the time, so Spin’s twist for his parties, and what made the brand stand out over the years, was booking US acts. “There were parties focused on the US scene, but no one booked the likes of US DJs that I wanted to hear. So I said: If no one is doing that, I might as well do it.” This party featured DJ Cash Money as a special guest and brought Spin a monthly residency at Herbal and a permanent name for his events.

After Herbal closed its doors, the parties moved to Fabric, East Village, Scala, and The Jazz Cafe, bringing that Golden Era vibe in the heart of London. Since then, The Doctor’s Orders roster has been enriched with names like De La Soul, Erykah Badu, Questlove, Gilles Peterson, DJ Premier, KRS One, Tim Westwood and more.

Another highlight in the history of TDO was making the parties accessible to everyone, including and accepting a demographic segment that was not that present on the scene at that time: women. A genuine community was born and ravers turned into married couples, whose kids now attend Fun DMC, a spin-off brand designed especially for the little ones, where they learn about the culture.

In terms of promoting the events, a lot of things changed in the last 10 years. Even though the team behind The Doctor’s Orders fully embraced the digital marketing era, Spin still keeps some of the old-school techniques, saying that “If I don’t have a flyer in my hands, I don’t feel like the party is happening. (…) But Social Media, I think it’s great, the more directly you can get your message to people, the better.”

One name that is extremely important to the Hip Hop culture but is not on the list of legends TDO worked with is the late James Yancey, better known to the public as J Dilla. But given his strong appreciation for the producer, every year Spin Doctor and The Doctor’s Orders team celebrate the musical genius that was Dilla, by throwing a tribute party that has people lining up around the block to donate and support the causes of the J Dilla Foundation and contribute to keeping his legacy alive.

The birthday party will take place on September 12th (first night of all night tubes), from 8pm-2am at The Forum, (Highgate Road, Kentish Town, London NW5 1JY), with none other than DJ Premier on the ones and twos and his live band, Fatima and the Eglo Live Band, The Four Owls and DJ sets from Mr.Thing, Spin Doctor, Mo Fingaz, and Russ Ryan. The party will be hosted by MC Pranksta.

Get tickets for the live anniversary party here:

Advance Tickets: £22.50

DJ Premier Meet & Greet Ticket: £60.00 (includes Ticket / Cap / Lanyard etc)

Facebook event:


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