SBTV Release Hard-Hitting Video for International Men’s Day

Did you know that male suicide currently stands as the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK alone!

Today SBTV decided to highlight that fact with a very powerful video ‘Rollercoaster’ featuring the artist Rapman. Listening to Rapman you hear, whilst watching the video, the struggles of a young man whose partner has left him. Depressed and on medication he doesn’t think he can cope with life, after losing his job and hearing that his ex-girlfriend is with his best friend, he commits suicide – while all along his ex and friend were planning a surprise birthday party for him.

SBTV have partnered with suicide awareness charity CALM and online male student magazine Unilad to launch the video and highlight the situation on International Men’s Day.

Speaking about ‘Rollercoaster’ Rapman says: “I began to remember a friend of mine who started getting really depressed over a snowball of events including himself losing his job and his girlfriend. I knew he was down but just thought it was a faze until one night he called me contemplating suicide. I thought he was joking but soon sensed his tone and realised it was serious. He told me he had been taking antidepressant medication for a while and had nothing worth living for. I sat on the phone to him for hours telling him things will be Ok and he will eventually find a new partner and job. I went over there and after a lot of heart to hears managed to talk him off the ledge. Months down the line he took me out to tell me thank you, that he’s got a new job and girlfriend and if it wasn’t for my words, he really would have killed himself. So I figured how many other people are in this situation. I could tell this story with a twist and help someone else”.

100% of all income received by SBTV from YouTube views of ‘Rollercoaster’ will go to CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)

Please share this video with the hashtag #dontbeastatistic

If you feel affected by this subject, need someone to talk to or know of a friend/family member going through a tough time, please contact CALM free on 0800 585858 or visit

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