The Shires Support The Corrs

Since The Shires let their debut album out of the pen last year, their career has bolted off to cup winning levels. The Country duo not only were the first to have a UK Top 10 Country album, but ‘Brave’ reached Gold status by the close of the year!

So what more could 2016 bring that last year hadn’t? well being invited to support the uber talented Corrs at the Genting Arena for one.

Judging their performance, Crissie Rhodes and Ben Earle were completely at ease playing to the packed arena, who seemed quiet and unsure at first. Perhaps they were cold and weary from travel but Crissie and Ben soon got them heel tapping, feet stomping, clapping and fired up ready for The Corrs.

“We grew up listening to the Corrs,” said Ben between songs “…if you had told us we’d be supporting them years later it would have blown our tiny little minds!”

Nashville Grey Skies, Friday Night, Tonight and Brave all went down a treat with the audience but it was perhaps when Ben switched from guitar to piano, that Crissy came into her own on song State Lines and there was a gentle shift in the crowd.
Crissie’s voice strong and unwavering, filled with passion and backed up by Ben’s smooth tones, lit the darkened arena up – the crowd couldn’t have been more appreciative from this point on.
Jekyll and Hyde, more Corrs like in style was another well received song as was their rendition of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers ‘Islands in The Stream’ (fitting as it was Dolly’s 70th birthday that day).

The Shires left the crowd with a brand new perspective on Country music and I dare say have a fair few more fans of their work.

Brilliant night all in all, I look forward to seeing The Shires again soon.

Let me know what you think?

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