Review: Ady Suleiman ‘This Is My EP’

Ady SuleimanSince the release of Ady Sulieman‘s 2015 debut basically entitled ‘This Is My EP’ I’ve not been able to stop listening to it every car journey.

But whilst the EPs title may seem simple, the social awareness and complexity of lyrics held on the 4 tracks are of another level. Listening is almost like entering the male mind through a lyrical diary, feeling the toing and froing of emotional torture – depression (So Lost), longing to be loved (Need Somebody), confusion over religion (State of Mind) and finally social awareness (Out of Luck).

With a blend of Soul, Acid Jazz and Reggae accompanying his words, Ady reminds me vocally of a young Finley Quaye, with a slight rasp in his voice adding to his charm, but think Jamiroquai‘s ‘Emergency On Planet Earth’ and you’ll begin visualize the kind of singer/songwriter and music arranger that Ady Suleiman is, an exciting and fresh artist, carving out his own unique path – I have no doubt he will go very far.

‘This Is My EP’ by Ady Suleiman is available to buy now and if you happen to be in Nottingham 2nd March 2016, he will be performing live at The Rescue Rooms


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