Robert Plant, Kindness, Scroobius Pip and more record exclusive tracks for British Red Cross

the long roadA ground-breaking concept record based on the real-life experiences of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK is being created by top musicians and the Red Cross.

Robert Plant, Kindness, Scroobius Pip, Sierra Leone All Stars and Tinariwen have all recorded exclusive tracks that spotlight real-life experiences of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK and across the world.  
Brit Award winner Ethan Johns, who has worked with the Kings of Leon, Laura Marling and The Vaccines, is producing the record which was released today.
Robert Plant, who recorded a version of Elbow track’s ‘The Blanket Of Night’, which tells the tale of refugees attempting a treacherous journey to attain asylum in the UK stated: “We have a worldwide international catastrophe – talking about it is one thing, doing something about it is another. The position we are in, it’s paramount we all do our best one way or another to help.”

Alex Fraser, Head of Refugee Services and International Family Tracing, said: “We are thrilled to have such incredible artists on board for the record – inspirational artists who through the power of their music, can help to tell the story of the long and dangerous road that many refugees and asylum seekers have travelled. We hope that the record will help us to break through to new audiences and in turn raise funds to help people find protection and rebuild their lives.”

Kindness and Scroobius Pip have paired up with a refugee helped by the British Red Cross, to tell their story of being forced to flee their home and seek safety in the UK.
Ayman Hirh, a refugee who fled Syria, when the fighting broke out in 2012 inspired Kindness’s track.  He said: “I hope that my experience and the record will encourage people to think about the reasons people like me are forced to leave home.”
Grammy Award-winning group Tinariwen and Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars have also contributed to the record.  Tinariwen have recorded a new track titled, ‘Why Is The World Silent.’ Tinariwen’s founder Ibrahim Ag Alhabib was a refugee himself as a child and was forced to flee his home in Mali after his father was executed in the 1963 uprising in Mali.  Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars have also recorded a brand new track ‘World Peace’.  The band was formed by a group of refugees displaced to Guinea during the Sierra Leone Civil War.

Full track listing as follows:
1. Tinariwen – Kek Algahalam Mas Tasossam (Why Is The World Silent)
2. Scroobius Pip Ft. Didier Kisala – Who Are You?
3. Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars – World Peace
4. Robert Plant – The Blanket Of The Night
5. Kindness – A Retelling
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