Gig Review: Ady Suleiman Live at Rescue Rooms Nottingham

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If you were to ask a bunch of under 30 year old gig goers what music genre they were into, the general consensus would be Indie, Chart music, Rock, RnB, the alternative would say Reggae, Hip-hop very few would say Acid Jazz but when I went to Ady Suleiman‘s show in Nottingham – I was really surprised at just how many under 25’s were there and even more surprised by how into his music they were.

Maybe it was due to Ady being a local lad that they were out in droves to support, or just maybe he’s blessing their ears with something new and tantalizing.

For the oldie (like myself) the sound of Acid Jazz is nothing new but it’s exciting non the less. Acid Jazz incorporates elements of Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop and Reggae – think Jamiroquai, Incognito and A Tribe Called Quest to give you an example of what I mean.

With a sound far beyond his years, Ady Suleiman is tapping into the genres out there, Soul and Hip-Hop, channeling artists like Gregory Isaacs, Finlay Quaye and Lemar and re-defining it all into his own style. Lyrically he’s incredibly social aware and political without it being too in your face (just listen to State of Mind). Being at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham felt like I was witnessing the birth of someone destined for greatness.

Supported by Sway Clarke II, who you may remember working with Tinie Tempah – opened up the night with his collection of songs that included the brilliantly penned ‘I Don’t Need Much’ and ‘Secret Garden’. I’d compare Sway‘s music to that of Miguel‘s, he’s a brilliant musician and singer who the world needs to know more about.

By the time Ady Suleiman came on stage, the girls pinned to the barriers at the front were almost out of their minds with excitement! “We Love You Ady” was all I could hear before he went into ‘Why You Runnin’ Away?’ a lesser known track he’d penned a while ago but still got the crowd rocking along.

‘What’s the score’, ‘So Lost’ and ‘Ain’t The Beep’ raised the roof, with the crowd joining in and singing his lyrics back to him. I have to give big props to the very slick backing band which included Guitar/Bass, Drums, Keys, backing vocals and a trumpet player! They really gave it their all and took you away with the melodies.

Singing hits from his 2 EP’s and even treating the crowd to some new ones, Ady apologized in advance to the crowd before singing ‘I Remember’, which he admits his management won’t release until he’s cleaned up the chorus “If there’s any song writers in the house who can help with cleaning up this chorus a bit, please contact me “ he laughs before launching into the reggae tinged song.

I lapped up every moment of the 10 song set, which was over far too quickly for me, I even admit a twinge of disappointment at not hearing his track ‘Drink Too Much’ but overall seeing Ady Suleiman live was the best gig I’ve been to so far in 2016.

If you get the chance to see him now, fresh and on the up – do it!

Rescue Rooms Set List:

  • Why You Runnin’ Away?
  • What’s The Score?
  • Wait For You
  • So Lost
  • I remember
  • Need Somebody To Love
  • Longing For Your Love
  • Serious
  • Ain’t The Beep
  • State of Mind

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