Introducing Ivory Wave

10330444_10153930105126011_9084117982260020463_nHot out of my inbox is debut single ‘Club’ by West Midlands 5 piece Ivory Wave.

Sounding like a mix of Kasabian, The Stone Roses and Primal Scream, it’s hard not to step along to the progressive beat, get swept along by the synth and finally caught up by the catchy hook.

Musicvein had to catch up with George Johnson of the band to find out more about them.

Musicvein: Tell me about Ivory Wave

Ivory Wave: “Well there’s myself – George Johnson on vocals, Connor McMinn (Guitar), Luke Morris (Bass), Rob Clarke (Keys/Synth) and Seb Baldwin on drums. Luke and I met through a band we were previously with, when we left we decided to form Ivory Wave and asked the rest to join us. Right from our very first practise we realised just how well we gel together as musicians – we all had the same aspirations when it came to music.”
Musicvein: Who are your influences and how do you think they’ve influenced your style?
Ivory Wave: “We’d say our influences come from early acid house music, grime, brit pop and indie – it’s quite varied. Most of our songs either start from a beat or a bassline which is partly due to us constantly listening to music centered around beats. When creating tracks we make sure that the bass and drums tie together well giving us a solid foundation to build on. Afterwards the guitars, synths and vocals just float along gracefully over the top of it all.”
Musicvein: Tell me what was your inspiration behind making the track ‘Club’?
Ivory Wave: “Musically the song was started by Luke and Seb jamming a beat and bassline. Connor then wrote the chorus and Rob his parts. The song more or less wrote itself from that point on. Lyrically the song developed when I heard a news story that annoyed me. So basically ‘Club’ is essentially about people who try to ruin things for other people, whether it be a night out or bigger events in life. To be honest we get inspiration from anything in life, it can be every day mundane things, stuff that goes unnoticed but has a lot of meaning to the people affected.”
Muscvein: Finally what are your plans for this year?
Ivory Wave: “Things are definitely on the up for us, we have lots of dates coming up. This month in Birmingham we’ll be playing the Victoria20th May and The O2 Institute24th May
To keep up to date with any news though follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.”
‘Club’ the single by Ivory Wave can be downloaded now from iTunes now.

Let me know what you think?

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