Broken/Prevail by mesmi

1377283_1078526145501309_3824673691895582922_nIntroducing mesmi a Taiwanese-American singer songwriter, with her 2015 single ‘Broken/Prevail’.

Inspired by International Women’s Day, mesmi wrote this song recognizing the struggles some women go through, saying there is help out there, just hold on and be strong. I just love the poetic verses of this melancholic song.

Speaking of  ‘Broken/Prevail’ mesmi says,  “I wrote ‘Broke/Prevail’ back when a dear friend of mine was going through an extremely difficult time. When someone you love is dealing with a painful event, oftentimes all you can do is be there for them and love on them. This song was written out of wanting to support her somehow, and I hope in the same way it can now support other women everywhere.”

Currently working on her next EP IAWIA – which takes listeners on her creative journey from 2013 to now, mesmi is encouraging people to share their experiences with her see mesmixmusic for more detailed information.

To keep up to date with mesmi follow

Facebook: mesmixmusic

Twitter: @mesmix



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