Sigma ft Take That – Cry

sigma take that

When I heard that Take That were going to be featured on Sigma‘s new single ‘Cry’ in all honesty I was 50/50 about how it would work.

I actually do own every Take That single and album from their first stint at pop-world domination but since their return I haven’t had that gravitational pull towards the genre of music they’ve produced.

Sigma since their break into the charts have consistently produced heart-racing drum n bass tracks, with hooks that once in your head are stuck for evermore. So how would the two groups work out?

Well considering ‘Cry’ is produced by Sigma and Take That who have each mastered their craft to the highest of standards, I needn’t have had any reservations at all because I absolutely love this track!

So if anyone catches me in the supermarket today, I’m not off my head, I’m just singing and dancing in the isles to another stunning Sigma and Take That song “…I’d rather go blind than watch you walk out of my life…heart on the line for the love we left behind…I know you hear me cry…”

‘Cry’ is available to download now at iTunes

Let me know what you think?

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