Musicvein Interviews Con Brio


Musicvein was recently introduced to American band Con Brio, whose name meaning ‘With Spirit’ are literally kicking up a storm across the USA with their latest album release ‘Paradise’.

The band on a tournado tour crossing Japan and Europe will make a stop at The Lexington, London26th November. So Musicvein caught up with lead vocalist Ziek McCarter to find out more about the band, their passion and the making of ‘Paradise’.

MV: Tell me about Con Brio and how you formed?

ZM: “Well Con Brio the original band actually started in 2009. At the time they had a female lead vocalist along with the bassist that we still have now – Jonathan Kirchner. I was doing a residency show called Soul Train Revival at the Boom Boom Room, San Francisco and it was there that I first saw the band. I really admired the vocalist and actually brought their first CD!

After she left Con Brio in 2013, I was introduced to the band through their organ player, whom I was friends with, to take the bands lead vocalist spot and it’s gone from there, it’s funny how these things turn out.

There have been a few changes in the band over the years but we’re pretty set now as a group.”

MV: So you’re a bit like the Drifters with different people coming into the band over time but keeping the same original essence?

ZM: “It’s crazy, it’s not the intention of the band but sometimes life pulls people in different ways. Con Brio as it stands now though are pretty solid. We’ve been doing music for a very long time, we’ve studied it, it’s in our bones.

Our music is constantly evolving with time and so it has changed over the years. I’ve seen the changes from the EP ‘Kiss The Sun’ to our latest album ‘Paradise’.”

MV: Are there many original Con Brio members left?

ZM: “No, just the bass player Jonathan, we now have Marcus Stephens on Sax, Brendan Liu – Trumpet, Patrick Glynn – Keys/Organ, Andrew Laubacher – Drums and Benjamin Andrews on Guitar.”

MV: Tell me what you stand for as a band? Is it all about peace and love or revolution?

ZM: “We’re constantly evolving and we don’t like to confine ourselves to a sound. We don’t really have a mission statement as a band only to make great music and anthems that people will enjoy for years to come.”

MV: Tell me about ‘Paradise’ the new album and what inspired you to write it? (Ziek’s response reflects upon his father Rev. David McCarter who was killed by East Texas police, 2011, under circumstances the family find suspicious)

ZM: Paradise is honestly in response to burying the sadness of my father’s passing and having the strength to create a paradise for oneself. There are anthems about Love and Injustice (see ‘Hard Times’) an array of themes but with paradise essentially being created in the midst of it all. I worked with an amazing producer called Mario C (Caldato Jnr) who’s worked with the likes of the Beastie Boys and Bjork.

MV: Do you have a favourite song on the album?

ZM: “It’s hard to say, the whole album for me is an experience from start to finish. If I had to choose one it would definitely be ‘Paradise’ due to the circumstances of how it was created. ‘Paradise’ the song came to me as a dream, the night before going into the studio. In the dream I saw my father and following that the next day I wrote the song together with my Keyboardist. We set up red candles and Christmas lighting in the studio, turned off the lights and really set the vibe – I could feel my father’s presence as I wrote the lyrics. So what you hear, ‘Last night I had a dream, I was visited by the supreme, telling me come with me to paradise…’, That is what happened in my dream.

It’s not the most dance heavy song or one that people would be most drawn to on the album but for me it’s the one I’m most drawn to spiritually.”

You can catch Con Brio on their ‘Birds of Paradise Tour’ see dates below the video for new song ‘Money’.


Nov 23 // Osaka JP // Shangri-La
Nov 24 // Tokyo JP // Duo Music Exchange
Nov 26 // London UK // Lexington
Nov 27 // Nijmegen NL // Doornroosje
Nov 28 // Groningen NL // Jazzcafé De Spieghel
Nov 29 // Amsterdam NL // Paradiso Upstairs
Nov 30 // Hamburg DE // Nochtspeicher
Dec 1 // Maastricht NL // Muziekgieterij
Dec 2+3 // Rennes FR // Transmusicales
Dec 4 // Cologne DE // Yuca
Dec 5 // Berlin DE // Maschinenhaus
Dec 6 // Rotterdam NL // Bird
Dec 7 // Utrecht NL // TivoliVredenburg

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