Alfie Jackson Releases Charity Single to Help Children in Syria

15259584_10157835229135501_7587316085669945925_oFormer member of The Holloways, Alfie Jackson, has released charity single ‘The Last Holiday’ in a plight to help child victims of war.

Working in partnership with War Child and The Kurdi Foundation, Alfie – like many across the nation – felt so moved by the graphic image of Alyan Kurdi laying face down on a Turkish beach in 2015, after his parents battled in vain to make a sea crossing to Greece, seeking refuge – that he sat down and wrote ‘The Last Holiday’ ft Belle Humble.

“Initially I wasn’t intending to write a song directly about such a sensitive situation,” Alfie explains “I was really unsure of whether or not to release this song but after to talking to various people, it was felt that I had to do something to try and help these poor, innocent children.”

Alfie made contact with Tima Kurdi, the Aunt of Alyan and together they spoke about the single and Alfie’s plan to help.

The Kurdi Foundation, which was recently set up by Tima and also Alyan’s father – Abdullah Kurdi to help child refugees, and also War Child are set to gain from the singles sales. Both parties are now in talks about how they can collaborate going forward to continue to raise awareness of displaced children.

In a bid to gain awareness of ‘The Last Holiday’ a tweet will be sent out via Thunderclap on Sunday 11th December at 11:30am. To join and show your support please click on the link pictured below.

To purchase the single from iTunes go to

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