Fear Is A Liar – Charity Single in Support of R.E.D January


London based producer LJ Looper recently teamed up with singer Nadine Wild-Palmer to write and produce a powerful and uplifting single ‘Fear Is A Liar’ in support of R.E.D January, associated with the Mental Health Charity MIND.

Depression and mental health issues is something that many of us will experience at some point during our lives. Having recently gone through a relationship breakdown of my own, I know only too well the difficulties of trying to maintain a normal life, while being in a depressive state. Putting on a brave face every morning while inside your world is crumbling. Breaking down in tears at any given time as a thought of the past crosses your mind. Feeling like you’re weak and stupid for feeling the way you do.

Having people speak openly about these issues and more importantly being able to access help and support if needed is key to overcoming fear and anxiety – that’s where the outstanding work of charity MIND comes in and that’s why Musicvein is in full support of this single ‘Fear Is A Liar’ where 50% of its sales will go to R.E.D January.

R.E.D (Run Every Day) January is a month long drive for participants to commit to either run, walk, skip or dance for 31 days. The aim being to promote the positive impact that exercise can have on your mind and well being. All money raised from taking part will go to MIND.

Speaking of the song producer LJ Looper said “Depression and mental health are areas that we have both been exposed to directly or indirectly, so it’s a cause that we felt strongly about. Hannah’s (Hannah Beecham, Founder of R.E.D) personal story and infectious enthusiasm for R.E.D, along with the unique ‘personal goals’ approach to the January event immediately connected with us. We set about creating a track that, word for word and note for note, would relate to, motivate and inspire anyone going through these issues, or even a difficult time in any area of their life. ‘Fear Is A Liar’ is about self belief. We all have times where we lack faith and convince ourselves that we can’t achieve something because we’re scared of failure. As the title suggests, however, most of the time those fears are completely unfounded and we are more capable than we ever realised!”

The single which was released earlier this month is available to buy now from iTunes

To join R.E.D January visit the MIND website

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