Barry Manilow’s Tribute to New York: This is My Town


Barry Manilow, one of the world’s all-time bestselling recording artists, returns with his new album,This Is My Town: Songs of New York’ – his love letter to the Big Apple.

Due for release 21st April on Verve Label Group / Decca Records, Manilow says the album is his way of saying thanks to the city which gave him ambition and his sense of humour.

“I’m grateful for having been raised there because I’ve always felt grounded,” Manilow says “One of the things I’m most proud of is that having gone through the hurricane of success, I feel I’m still the same guy that took the subway every day to work in Manhattan. And I attribute that grounding to being raised in New York.”

More than a year in the making, ‘This Is My Town: Songs of New York’ comprises of 10 new Manilow studio recordings with the songs evenly divided between new original compositions and standards evoking the spirit and energy of New York City. 

I didn’t want to do a full original album,” he says “It felt like it would be cheating the public to not give them the old songs that they knew. I must have done 50 demos of standards as I was writing the original songs. That’s what took the longest – to choose the standards…”

The title song, This Is My Town, sets up the album’s musical journey through New York’s five boroughs. The track was co-written by Barry Manilow and long-time collaborator, Bruce Sussman.

According to Manilow, “…the album is like a melting pot – just like New York is. We take you from Brooklyn to Broadway to Birdland. We even wind up in Coney Island. Take a look at the titles and it really does look like you’re going from place to place to place. There are different styles. There’s pop, there’s a little rock and roll, there’s jazz, there’’s a little R&B, and Broadway. That’s what I think of when I think of my home town and of New York.”

‘This Is My Town: Songs of New York’ is co-produced by Barry Manilow with David Benson. Except for Coney Island was co-produced with Michael Lloyd.

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