Review: Mario Biondi – Best of Soul


With nine albums under his belt, the magnificent Italian King of Jazz Mario Biondi returned in 2016 with his tenth album ‘Best of Soul’.

A close follow up to his 2015 offering ‘Beyond’, Mario presents the listener with 6 new songs on ‘Best of Soul’ before delving into his back catalogue, plucking out the finest and most treasured hits that his fans will love.

If you were listening to Mario Biondi for the first time, the EP worth of new songs gives newbies a taster of Mario’s previous works, a treat for both new and old fans – before taking a trip down a decade of memories.

Listening to ‘Do You Feel Like I Feel’ and ‘Mystery of Man’ with its 70’s Soul and Funk rhythms, harks back to Mario’s 2010 offering ‘If’ in particular the songs ‘Serenity’ and ‘Winter in America’.

Fans of the 2013 album ‘Sun’ featuring the musical talents of Incognito, will find that ‘Chilly Girl’ could indeed have been written for this album – such is the similarity of tone and pace.

‘A Handful of Soul’ – Mario’s debut album of Latin Jazz rhythms presents itself in ‘You Are My Queen’ which sounds on par with his most popular hit ‘This Is What You Are’ and ‘Never Stop Loving You’ akin to ‘Never Die’. While if you’re more in the mood for disco then ‘Stay With Me’ nods at Mario’s 2015 album ‘Beyond’.

‘Best of Soul’ by Mario Biondi is the perfect starter album before going back to ransack his treasure trove of gems.

Available from iTunes now.

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