Review: Alison Krauss – Windy City

Alison Krauss - Windy City Album Packshot (JPG).jpg

Grammy Award winning artist Alison Krauss today released her latest album ‘Windy City’ produced by Buddy Cannon and it was quite a surprise to me.

Her first solo album in 17 years ‘Windy City’ is a collection of covers portraying loss, yearning and heartache. Now if you’re new to listening to Alison Krauss, this is not the best album to start with, it’s somber and quite literally made me cry on my drive home from work!

Listening to the album I wanted there to be an epiphany moment where Alison sung out, that no matter all the hurt and loss that surrounds us there is a way through, but alas that wasn’t to be.

Being a 27 times Grammy Award winning artist I had such high expectations, technically wise Alison’s voice is faultless and the musical arrangements beautiful. ‘Windy City’ played as background music works – but to sit and really listen to the album, to absorb the message the artist is portraying – it should come with a complimentary Christmas cracker so you can read the joke afterwards.

On the plus side Alison announced on BBC Breakfast television that she would love to do another album with Union Station “I would love to do another band record with Union Station, I’ve got a folder of great songs sitting behind my desk…”  News I’m sure will delight her fans.

Windy City is available to buy now from

Alison Krauss



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