Arts Council England Shows Support for Jazz re:freshed Project

jazz refreshed
The most respected voices in the music industry have spoken out in full support of arts organisation Jazz re:freshed and their Outernational Project.
Experts like Helen Sprott (Arts Council England – Director of Music), Don Was (Blue Note), Gennaro Castaldo (BPI – Director or Communications),  and Vanessa Reed (PRS For Music Foundation – Chief Executive) are all showing their support for the forthcoming SXSW – Austin TX showcase taking place 15 March and featuring musicians from the British Jazz scene.

Jazz re:freshed and international showcase producer British Underground caught the attention of the British music industry, with their support of emerging and diverse British jazz artists, including Moses Boyd, Yussef Kamaal, United Vibrations and Native Dancer hailing from south London. The Outernational two year project will aim to spotlight British jazz talent through a series of showcases at international music events like Afropunk and SXSW.

Arts Council England’s Director of Music, Helen Sprott says of the project,  “Arts Council England has a long history of supporting exceptional talent to thrive internationally, championing the wealth of diverse artists that our country continues to produce. We are delighted that two Arts Council funded organisations, British Underground and Jazz re:freshed, are partnering in this unique showcase at SXSW, presenting some of the most forward-looking musicians England has to offer.  I look forward to seeing these exciting artists in action in Austin and watching their international careers develop over the coming years.”

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