Review: Alejandro Irizarry – Me Tiene Loco


When former Latin American Idol star, Alejandro Irizarry hit me up to let me know he was releasing a new single, I expected to hear his standard repertoire of passion-fueled creations – well blow me down, what I heard hit me for six!

‘Me Tiene Loco’ (She Drives Me Crazy) is a funky, drum led pop piece reminiscent of Justin Timberlake and Pharell‘s collaboration ‘Like I Love You’ – a favorite of mine – and marks an exciting new musical direction for Alejandro.

‘Me Tiene Loco’ sees Alejandro side step from his shy romantic hits to a bold spirited and vibrant individual who’s grown mightily in confidence, I’m definitely looking forward to whatever’s coming next.

Make sure you tune in to Musicvein next week to catch my interview with the man Alejandro Irizarry!

For now you can download ‘Me Tiene Loco’ from iTunes (usa only)

Let me know what you think?

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