The first album of the week for 2015 is Louise Golbey’s 2014 EP ‘Lots To Give’. A late discovery for me as Louise is set to release her debut album ‘Novel’ later this month and since listening to this EP – I’m eagerly awaiting that release. Just as the album title says, it’s clear that Louise […]

Since hearing his single ‘Red Underwear’ a few years back, I’ve been following the movements of London bred Singer/Songwriter Sebastian Blake. Blake, who in just a few years of deciding that music was the universal path he should tread, was invited to play at the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games as well as the […]

Pharrell Williams has just launched the world’s first 24hr music video to go along with his new song ‘Happy’ for the film Despicable Me 2. There must be something in the smiley faces of the performers and the songs hand claps that makes for compelling viewing. As you watch, you yourself can’t help but rock […]