International Day of Happiness 2021

Saturday 20th March is International Day of Happiness, a date recognized annually by members of the UN State.

The day is usually marked by celebrations, workshops, conferences and social media messages of positivity – and in a time when the world has been rocked by negativity this day of cheer is a welcomed event.

This year’s theme for International Day of Happiness is Keep Calm, Stay Wise, Be Kind – a message and theme that is easy to adopt and spread amongst others.

So what does each message entail and what can you do to join in?


Right now whether you are still living in lockdown, slowly emerging or are trying to regain normality – it’s important to remember that some things are beyond your control and all you can do right now is remain calm and let the scene play out.

Take a moment to do some yoga, mediation or prayer. Take a walk, listen to music, paint – do something that helps to keep you in a calm state.


Make a commitment to yourself to start making wise choices. Positive action leads to a happier life, so if you have goals to lose weight – make wise food choices and exercise goals, if you want to travel more with freedom on the horizon – make wise saving choices, look at investments for your money or the best saving options on the market.

Positive actions not only help with your mental wellbeing but radiate out to others.


No explanation needed here really, we all know how we expect to be treated, but to go beyond that random acts of kindness never go amiss to a receiver. Make someone’s day with a compliment, donation, a gift, a call – there are so many ways to be kind and not only for one day but from now on.

How will you get involved? Let me know in the comments.

I’ll leave you with a song that always makes me Happy by Pharrell Williams

Let me know what you think?

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