Review: Make America Love Again by Woolfman

Sometimes it’s the simplest of words and expressions that can resonate deeply within someone. Like glowing embers long after the moment has passed, they ignite passion – combusting into creativity. This is what Woolfman felt after being touched by the words of Spike Lee – “We only have to make America love again”.

Propogating Lee’s words into song ‘Make America Love Again’, while touching on events of the past, is a choral affirmation that change is on the horizon.

With it’s New Orleans gospel style, simple in musical composition so as not to detract from the message, ‘Make America Love Again’ together with the music video has won no less than six awards since its inception and counting. The video, directed by UK filmmaker Tone Davies and h28 was shot during lockdown 3 by singers Maxine Sparkles and Francesca Confortini on their mobiles – it’s uncomplicated yet effective in supporting the narrative.

Speaking of the song Woolfman says; “’Make America Love Again’ is a new anthem for 2021, a call for fairness, kindness and for justice rather than hatred and intolerance…We simply seek to play our part in reminding ourselves  how here in the UK and throughout the world we too have so much work to do. What happens in America spreads around the world and this is our anthem, our offering to you in the USA the UK, Europe and for all the world.”

Let me know what you think?

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