Creating Origami with Diamantina – Musicvein Interview

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On the Musicvein radar this week is the up-coming, bright and shining Diamantina!

Hailing from London, not Brazil as the name would have you think, Diamantina‘s new single ‘Origami’ hit the Musicvein inbox last week and has been given some heavy rotation.

So who is this rare diamond and how did she come to be? Musicvein has all the answers for you.


Musicvein: Diamantina! Now that is unusual, it is a stage name?

Diamantina: Yes indeed it’s my birth certificate name! I get people telling me all the time that it’s unusual but it’s a blessing for me and I’m proud of it, Diamantina, it’s got such great depth and meaning. I was born in Germany 1995 to Kosovan parents and later moved to the UK as a refugee, anyway my aunt in Germany named me – diamond cause I was born rare – 6 months premature – then Tina as in Tina Turner a great singer! So you see I have no choice but to fulfill my destiny.

Musicvein: Ah so that’s what made you want to become a singer?

Diamantina: “Not really no, when we moved here as refugees we had opportunities opened up to us. My mum would send me to acting classes, violin class, my mum made sure I had every opportunity I could at a young age so it just kind of developed from there.

Musicvein: OK, so tell me who or what inspires you to create your music?

Diamantina:Life does, just life! I draw from personal experiences to create my music. I feel like if I speak my truth I can help others with whatever they’re going through. That’s what I’ve noticed with my music recently, people reach out and say they can really relate and that’s why I do what I do because it relates in some way to someone. 

“…Dua inspires me to grow.”

Artist wise, JoJo – I love her and hope one day we can co-write, yeah I really hope the universe can make it happen. Then there’s Kehlani – the vibe that I have going on is kind of a Kehlani vibe. I love Jasmine Sullivan, India Arie, Ray Blk, Mabel and Dua Lipa – we come from the same country so to know that and see her doing her thing – Dua inspires me to grow.”

Musicvein: Tell me about your new single ‘Origami’

Diamantina: “Well if you listen to my previous single ‘Bandwagon’, ‘Origami’ is like a rebellious stem of that. It’s me breaking out of the normality of what people expect me to be like and just being on my own terms you know, owning it cause I just have to be me. Everyone has individuality in them and I wanted this single ‘Origami’ to portray that. I  want to empower people to live free of expectations!”

“…Appearing on All Together Now, I got a lot of hate from trolls online…”

Musicvein: Earlier this year you appeared on new TV Show All Together Now, what was that experience like and would you do it again?

Diamantina: “Yes, I was on the first episode of the show and I did the best I could with the song I was given to perform. It was a very challenging experience and very nerve wracking to walk on stage with 100 people looking at you and thinking “what are you gonna do?”.

Appearing on All Together Now, I got a lot of hate from trolls online – they were horrible and nasty because I only got 10 people standing up – but you know what? it was an experience, it was meant to happen and my advice for anyone trying to go for these shows, just be yourself, know yourself and don’t let anyone try to shape you. Do you and you’ll succeed, no matter how long it takes. These reality shows are like fast food, a quick 15 mins of fame and when you’ve gone they’ll forget about you.

I’m fortunate that god has given me a opportunity to work on shows like X-Factor now as I’m a backing vocalist for many of the people on the shows. I don’t think I’d do a reality show again, to be honest I prefer the long burn, the kind of success that takes time to ripen.”

“…Nowadays people just skip, skip, skip, they don’t listen to a whole project unless you’re popping…”


Musicvein: Are you working on an EP or Album? What can people expect from you next?

Diamantina: “I’m just focusing on releasing singles at the moment, I want to release an EP at the end of the year but for now the focus is for me to keep putting out these flavours and teasers of my sounds. Nowadays people just skip, skip, skip, they don’t really listen to a whole project unless you’re really popping.

I’d like to work with Pharrell one day and get that nice funky vibe in there, or even Timbaland – I just want something old skool to bring back to the charts.”

For more information visit her website Diamantina, or follow her on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram –  @Diamantinasings


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