Something about Sebastian Blake

Since hearing his single ‘Red Underwear‘ a few years back, I’ve been following the movements of London bred Singer/Songwriter Sebastian Blake. Blake, who in just a few years of deciding that music was the universal path he should tread, was invited to play at the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games as well as the Tate Modern!

After hearing his latest offering ‘Something About You‘ I could take it no more and just had to track him down for interview about his Inspirations, Influences and how he gets ‘in the zone’ to create music for his forthcoming album SP (Short Play).

Sebastian Blake photographed by Bernard Miller“Silence shhhhhh….” he begins quietly …”with absolute silence is how I get in the zone to write. Silence makes me really think, I mean I can have music playing generally but when I’m writing I need the silence to sing the lyrics out, feel the expression and test it on the music production it’s going with – so that’s my zone I guess, silence. When I write it begins with either a reality or fantasy experience, like with ‘Red Underwear‘  that was about a fantasy I wanted to happen but then the song ‘Last Week’ was about something that had happened. In terms of influences, wow, there’s far too much! but I do keep drawing from certain people/groups like Black Heat, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Prince, Janet Jackson and Earth Wind & Fire. They influenced my music in many ways, with Janet Jackson her songs made me want to write more feel good songs and groove, the Chilli Peppers made me want to do live band shows where everyone can just rock out! and with Prince, well he just makes me wanna funk! 

I remember I used to be a dancer type of guy and only used to play my flatmate’s guitar as a hobby while I was at Uni studying Engineering. One day I was writing a diary entry and just thought why don’t I combine the two? writing and playing guitar? and that really is how I made my first song, Sebastian Blake was born! well not until I went to the grave of poet William Blake to ask permission to use his name as my stage name 😉 he laughs.

You know, I think I shell shocked my friends when I told them I was going to buy a guitar and be a Singer/Songwriter. Literally five of them came with me to a shop in the Lanes, Brighton where I chose an acoustic yamaha guitar. It took a while though before I had the courage to play before my close friends – but when I did, I was emotional about their support – one friend said to me “…I’ve never seen you so serious about this music thing so take my guitar and play it for me” it was a beautiful fender guitar and I still use it to this day.

In the future I’d love to work with Pharrell Williams, Darkchild and also new producers who are currently unheard of. For instance my new album, I’ve worked with so many people, but the album producer Miray Kriss – we really work well together and in that have spent a lot of awkward silences together. When making ‘Short Play‘ we decided that there were so many EP’s out there that I was like, “Let’s make an SP (Short Play) of the music we enjoyed making – and that’s what we did. My favorite song on the album so far has to be ‘Something About You‘ cause it’s the one song that I wrote and sung with the first take, no pens, papers, nothing, just straight and easy.

I’ll be releasing SP later this year, till then I can be found playing live all over Shoreditch and Soho – those are my main hotspots – come down and party!”


To get the latest on exactly where Sebastian Blake will be playing, follow him on Facebook , Twitter and his website For now I’ll leave you with his latest video ‘Something About You’.


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