Lots To Give – Louise Golbey

Louise Golbey - pic by Amy CatherallThe first album of the week for 2015 is Louise Golbey‘s 2014 EP ‘Lots To Give’.

A late discovery for me as Louise is set to release her debut album ‘Novel’ later this month and since listening to this EP – I’m eagerly awaiting that release.

Just as the album title says, it’s clear that Louise really does have lots to give in terms of the music she’s composing – for this taster of an EP leaves you insatiable for more!

Easing into the first track ‘Comfortable’ with its lazy bass and drum rhythms complimenting the love song put forth, a song that immediately sets a small on your face, as you relate to the feelings of being in love and wanting to tell that special person just exactly how they make you feel –  “I’m so comfortable with you…see my feet they barely touch the ground…we have something I just can’t explain…”

Louise continues those warm and fuzzy feelings as she slips into the next song ‘Let’s See How Far Love Can Go’. You get a real connection with the songs of this EP as it ebbs and flows through the beginnings of a relationship, settling mode and it’s eventual end in ‘Lot’s To Give’. After ‘The Pressure’s On’ and by the time you reach ‘Something’s Got To Give’ you’re in full on “I’ve had it!” mode, ready to hold your head up high as you move on from past relationships and live hoping that love will come to you one day.

RnB and Soul fans will love this EP with its hints of Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Joss Stone and even Pharrell Williams in its production.

‘Lots To Give’ is available to download from iTunes and while there it’s worth checking out Louise’s other offerings too.

Thursday 15 Jan, Louise Golbey will be holding an album launch party for ‘Novel’ at London Hippodrome Casino with special guest Omar (who appears on the album)

For more information see:

Website: www.louisegolbey.com

Twitter: @LouiseGolbey

Soundcloud: Louise Golbey

Let me know what you think?

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