Louise Golbey – 5 Albums That Changed My Life

For the next few weeks on Musicvein, Singers, Songwriters, Bands, Dj's, Radio Broadcasters and more will be sharing their thoughts on the 5 Albums that changed their lives. Here to begin the series is London singer, songwriter Louise Golbey. You may recognise Louise from playing alongside Ed Sheeran at one of his very first London gigs...

Love 4 Music Festival Competition

Fancy taking part in Love 4 Music's Soul and Reggae Music Festival? Then get involved in their competition now! Join a line-up including Joyce Sims, Aswad, Janet Kay, Gappy Ranks and Omar to bring your music to the masses. Enter now at Love 4 Music Festival  

Lots To Give – Louise Golbey

The first album of the week for 2015 is Louise Golbey's 2014 EP 'Lots To Give'. A late discovery for me as Louise is set to release her debut album 'Novel' later this month and since listening to this EP - I'm eagerly awaiting that release. Just as the album title says, it's clear that Louise... Continue Reading →

Talking Revivals with Ray Hayden

Who can forget the smoky voice of Martine Girault on the track 'Revival' featured on the Nescafe Ad all those years ago, well the producer of that track Ray Hayden is back.  Re-issuing this song and a whole back catalogue of hits spanning 2 decades for the first time online. Ray, who's worked with the likes of... Continue Reading →

Sun by Mario Biondi – Musicvein Album of the Year!

I've been privy to a lot of albums this year and thoroughly enjoyed listening to them all, but the album that I've played almost weekly and yet it still hasn't died a death, is 'Sun' by Mario Biondi. So why have I left it months after the release to review this album? well in short... Continue Reading →

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