Hector Mario ft Alejandro Irizarry – Se Parece a ti

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYtgaKNCkYo What's not to love about this Reggae summer jam by Hector Mario and Alejandro Irizarry. The video shot on the beautiful west coast of Puerto Rico (Playa Jobos) works in harmony with this song of unrequited love. Musicvein caught up Hector and Alejandro (childhood friends) about their collaboration. Musicvein: Hector! What a great debut... Continue Reading →

Review: Alejandro Irizarry – Me Tiene Loco

When former Latin American Idol star, Alejandro Irizarry hit me up to let me know he was releasing a new single, I expected to hear his standard repertoire of passion-fueled creations - well blow me down, what I heard hit me for six! 'Me Tiene Loco' (She Drives Me Crazy) is a funky, drum led... Continue Reading →

Alejandro Irizarry: Latin American Idol Releases Debut Album

If you're thinking that Alejandro Irizarry's face may seem familiar, that's because in 2007 out of 25,000+ Latin American Idol contestants - Alejandro made it to the final 30! Musicvein caught up with 24yr old Alejandro to talk about his Career, Experience on the show and Debut album release. MV: How did this all begin... Continue Reading →

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