Alejandro Irizarry: Latin American Idol Releases Debut Album

If you’re thinking that Alejandro Irizarry’s face may seem familiar, that’s because in 2007 out of 25,000+ Latin American Idol contestants – Alejandro made it to the final 30!

Musicvein caught up with 24yr old Alejandro to talk about his Career, Experience on the show and Debut album release.

MV: How did this all begin for you?

AI: “Well my love of music started with instruments and it just escalated from there. I began by learning to play the piano with a private tutor at the age of 4 years, and then the violin when I was 8 – that was at Escuela Libre de Musica in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. As a teenager, I learnt to play the guitar too and it was as a teenager of around 15 years old that I started to write songs about my personal experiences. By the time I was 19 I knew that I wanted to become a professional singer and so entered Latin American Idol!”

MV: Wow! that was brave, What was the experience like being on Latin American Idol?

AI: “Amazing! Of around 25,000 contestants, I made it to the final cut of 30! Latin American Idol is where I really decided that being a professional singer and artist is for me. Being on LAI really opened by eyes to all the talent that was out there and I learnt that in this business you have to be perseverant. Being on the show I got to meet a lot of great people from the music industry – people who I have collaborated with, in-fact this is where I met my producer Rodolfo Barrera.”

MV: Would you like to appear on the show again?

AI: “Not at this point in time,” he smiles “At the moment I’m just concentrating on promoting my debut album.”

MV: Congratulations on the release of the album ‘De Camino’, which is receiving a lot of attention, that must feel great considering you’re an Independent Artist. Where can fans catch you performing live?

AI: “Yes, I have received some great feedback from fans in Latin America and Spain. As an Independent Artist it is difficult at first but the fans love the songs so I’m happy. I’m doing a lot of shows in Puerto Rico right now to promote the album. The next step is to tour Latin America. Fans can follow me on Twitter and Facebook to find out where I’ll be performing.”

MV: The songs on the album are sung in Spanish, any plans on singing in English to capture the UK market?

AI: “Definitely, I do also write in English and hope to record and sing them soon. When the time is right I’ll be proud to perform in the UK – which is the country where I was born.”

MV: So of all the songs on ‘De Camino’, which one is your favourite? (mine’s ‘Lady Legal’ & ‘Al Amor Gracias’)

AI: “All of them have something special about them but one of my favourites is ‘El Amor Pudo Mas’.”

MV: So which musicians do you admire?

AI: “Too Many! But to mention some, there’s Ricky Martin, Camila, Juan Luis Guerra, Alicia Keys, John Meyer and Jason Mraz. All have had an influence on my music.”

MV: And Finally, has anyone ever told you, you look like Adam Levine from Maroon 5??

AI: “What? No, Never!” he laughs “Some have compared me with other artists though.”

Alejandro’s great album ‘De Camino’ can be purchased on iTunes, Check out the video below to the single ‘Trago Amargo’ and make sure you follow him on Twitter & Facebook for more information.

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  1. I saw live singing and he is awsome ! Great singer he reminds me of jerry riveria and marc anthony etc . Keep on with the great work and never give up !


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