Vera Over The White Cliffs of Dover


Today to mark the 100th Birthday of Forces Sweetheart, Dame Vera Lynn, a 350ft image of the icon can be seen projected onto the White Cliffs of Dover in her honor.

As the centenary celebrations begin for Dame Vera, she breaks records yet again as being the first ever person to have an album released at the age of 100! Her previous record was for being the oldest living artist to land a UK number one album at the age of 92.

Commenting on the occasion Dame Vera says: “It is an unprecedented honor to have my birthday marked in such a beautiful way and I am truly thrilled by this wonderful gesture. As we look to the white cliffs on Monday, I will be thinking of all our brave boys – the cliffs were the last thing they saw before heading off to war and, for those fortunate enough to return, the first thing they saw upon returning home. I feel so blessed to have reached this milestone and I can’t think of a more meaningful way to mark the occasion.”


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