Musicvein Interviews: Chantae Cann


Her sublime vocals once provided the perfect backdrop for RnB Queen India Arie, collaborated with Eric Roberson and Snarky Puppy but now Chantae Cann takes centre stage as she embarks on her own pilgrimage with album ‘Journey To Golden’ and a pit stop in the UK.

MV: Chantae, I’ve just had my feet up chilling out to your album ‘Journey To Golden’. Where did you come from girl!

CC: “Thank you! That album is so special to me, it’s my little baby. Technically it’s my first solo album although I’ve had many, collaborations over the years that put me on the map. ‘Journey To Golden’ is a perfect mix between Soul and Jazz, I see it as a great introduction to people who might not of heard of me before, it’s very mellow, laid back and atmospheric.”

MV: It certainly is mellow and atmospheric. I get a Erykah Badu and Stevie Wonder vibe from it

CC “Well funny enough Stevie is among my favourite artists, along with Bobby McFerrin, Brandy, Lalah Hathaway and Michael Jackson – those are just a small few but I don’t think they’ve influenced my style if I’m honest. I credit my dad for exposing me to a wide variety of music from a very young age. I can remember car journeys with him to see my grandparents and he would play everything from P-Funk (Parliament-Funkadelic), 2Pac, Incognito, Gospel, Jazz you name it, he played it! So it made me appreciate every kind of music from all over the world. Then while touring with India Arie it made me appreciate different cultures and different music, I’m so grateful for that”.

MV: Yes you must have learned a lot while touring with India Arie, tell me about that

CC “Wow touring with India was just literally one huge lesson, I learned so very much! When you travel with an artist of the magnitude that India Arie was, it opens your eyes to so many things – on what to do, what not to do, how to treat people and how you would like to be treated. Touring prepared me for my own career which, the decision to go solo wasn’t over-night but a gradual realisation”.

MV: So what was it like stepping out of the shadows?

CC: “People had always been supportive of my singing and telling me I should go solo and make an album. I grew up in church and was the head of the music department it grew my confidence, helped me with crowd engagement and instilled values within me which helped me along my journey. It wasn’t until I started performing at Open Mic nights in LA that I knew singing wasn’t just a hobby, it was more like my destiny. ‘Stepping out’ was easy, I made my mind up and here we are.”

MV: Well I’m glad you found your way Chantae, and you’ll be coming over to the UK in April!

CC: “Yes, of all the places I’ve traveled in the world, the UK was not one of them so I’m super excited to perform in London next month and share my work with you all.”

MV: And after this trip what’s next for you because ‘Journey To Golden’ was released last year, do you have any new music on the cards?

CC: “Yeah! I’m working on two projects right now – one is a remix project of ‘Journey To Golden’. I’m partnering with producers and DJ’s in the Atlanta area and they’re remixing the whole album to make it more dance and appeal to new people. Then there’s a brand new album which I’m hoping to release in Fall (September)”.

MV: Oh really! So what can we expect from this new album?

CC: “Well it’ll be more versatile than ‘Journey To Golden’ which was more a ‘Hey I’m Chantae Cann’ kinda album with a lot of string pieces – I love strings – but this new album will be very soulful, fun and very inspiring. I’m currently working with Sput Searight (Robert) the drummer from Snarky Puppy, we’ve actually been working together for a few years now but never quite in this capacity. On the last album I only had one other artist feature but this time round, it’ll be more like Chantae and Friends!”

MV: Well I for one am really looking forward to both the new album and the remix project so do make sure you keep us all up to date on that one.

Chantae Cann will be playing at 229 The Venue, LondonWednesday 12th April 2017. For tickets visit Eventim or AGMP.

‘Journey To Golden’ can be downloaded from iTunes

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