Jupiter Falls – Faces In The Sand


It’s been years since I’ve listened to a great Rock Band and when I say years I mean going back to the times when Guns N’ Roses, Thunder and The Law were among my 90’s teen playlist.

Since then, and it’s a personal opinion, Rock music had evolved into a noise, thrashing of guitars and screeching of voices, I just couldn’t appreciate the genre anymore – that was until Jupiter Falls crash-landed in my inbox!

Almost instantly I was transported back to my teen bedroom, Axl Rose bandana on, swaying along to guitar with a can of Charlie Red body spray in hand – but wait newsflash this isn’t the 90’s and this isn’t GnR! I’m listening to a new band called Jupiter Falls and their single ‘Faces In The Sand’.

‘Faces In The Sand’ opens with a piano interlude before the band kicks in with a heavy atmospheric piece reminiscent of GnR’s ‘November Rain’.

The thing I love about Jupiter Falls is how melodic their music is, whether your focus is on the piano, guitar, drums or voice, it all melds together in a sublime elegance, drawing you in to each track they create.

‘Faces In The Sand’ comes from the band’s second album of the same name and is already catching the attention of people worldwide, especially their new single ‘Nothing To Me’ another great track from the Leeds band.

Thank you guys for re-introducing me to British Rock music! Keep up the great work

Jupiter Falls: Faces In The Sand (part one) the album is available to buy now at Broken Records

Let me know what you think?

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