Festival Fever: Glastonbudget

With Festival season on the horizon you’ll be spoiled for choice as to which one to spend your hard earned cash on! So to make it easier, Musicvein caught up with readers to find out about their experiences and advice for Festival Newbies.

Glastonbudget – Fri 26th May to Sun 28th May

Tribute festival held in Wymeswold, Leicestershire.

Claire Sheldon


Name: Claire

Occupation: TA

From: Leicestershire

Festival Attended: Glastonbudget 2016




Musicvein: Have you been to Glastonbudget before?

Claire: “Oh I’ve been going since the festival’s 3rd year! I just love it”

Musicvein: Wow! Well this year Glastonbudget will be in its 12th year, how do you think it’s changed from previous years?

Claire: “It’s become bigger year on year with more acts and the crowd has gotten younger – I’ve even seen parents with babies there! That’s the real beauty of Glastonbudget, it’s family orientated and everyone just has a great time. The festival is not too expensive for parents to pay for their children to go, it’s local to Melton Mowbray, Leicester, Nottingham, Loughborough and Derby, the only thing that can let it down is festival-goers who can’t handle their alcohol – but otherwise everyone just enjoys the music and meeting others.”

Musicvein: Do you plan on attending Glastonbudget 2017?

Claire: “Ohhh Yes! I purchased my ticket last year as soon as they were released!”

Musicvein: Will you be going for the day or camping?

Claire: “I used to camp but now me and my friends pile into Patricia.” 

Musicvein: Patricia? lol

Claire: “Yeah Patricia the caravan or Pat after a few bevvies. We had to get Pat cause we were fed up of tripping over guide ropes!”

Musicvein: Oh crumbs sounds like things get a bit messy for you ladies! So tell me what are the Top 5 Things you love about Glastonbudget?


  1. The atmosphere – it’s nice and anything goes.
  2. The bands – I’m a massive Queen fan and so Mercury are my favorites to see.
  3. Fancy Dress – I love seeing people in fancy dress at the festival, it just adds to the fun.
  4. People watching – people watching is great at Glastonbudget. I love chilling out, listening to the music and just watching the people go by.
  5. Jamaican Food – I fell in love with curry goat at the festival.

Musicvein: Does anything suck about the Glastonbudget? Is there anything the organizers can do better?

Claire: “It’s very well organised but my only bugbear is the toilets, there aren’t very many – over the 2 fields that are available for ‘Glampers’ there’s just one toilet!”

Musicvein: Oh, No! That would do my head in – OK give us some Survival Tips for Camping/Glamping


  1. Having an awning is always good 
  2. Waterproof clothing is a must, just in case
  3. Disposable BBQs for the Caravan area
  4. Take plenty of water
  5. Take plenty of toilet roll

I’ve heard of a company in Loughborough that you can hire caravans from, they set them up for you at the festival and collect them afterwards so you don’t have to take your own!

I really can’t fault Glastonbudget though, there’s so much to see and do I just can’t wait to get there again!”


Well Claire, thanks for taking the time to tell us all about your experiences and I can’t wait to hear about this years antics.

To buy tickets, visit Glastonbudget.org

Calling all Musicvein-ers! Are you going to Glastonbudget 2017?

Get in touch with Musicvein next week and give me the lowdown! Email info@musicvein.co.uk

Tomorrow – we find out about V Festival

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