Festival Fever: Glastonbury

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Over the past few days Musicvein has been getting the low down from festival going readers for the benefit of you Festival Newbies.

Yesterday we heard from Corinne on V Fest and today we look at Glastonbury.

Glastonbury Festival – Wed 21st to Sun 25th June 2017

Going since the 1970’s Glastonbury is the most famous festival in the UK. Founded by Michael Eavis, almost all musicians from all over the world long to play its iconic stages which has been graced by acts like The Who, Coldplay, Jamiroquai, Oasis, T-Rex and David Bowie.



Name: Carol

Occupation: Insight Analyst

From: Leeds

Festival Attended: Glastonbury 2016




Musicvein: How long have you been going to Glastonbury?

Carol: “2016 was my 10th year!”

Musicvein: Woah! 10 years! You must really love it girl! Fantastic, tell us how you think it’s changed over the years?

Carol: “I used to arrive on site around lunchtime on a Wednesday and we’d pretty much have a field to ourselves until Thursday night – now if you arrive after 11am on Wednesday, you’ll struggle to find a decent spot to camp! So many people arrive Tuesday night ready for the gates to open first thing on Wednesday – it’s unbelievable!

The festival has grown a lot over the years, particularly the late night and dance areas. These are the areas they tend not to show on TV but are the most amazing to see.

What’s nice about Glastonbury is that there’s still a lot they haven’t changed in regard to the old more hippy side, like Green Fields and the Healing Fields. ”

Musicvein: What were your Top 5 moments of Glastonbury 2016?


  1. Coldplay – They gave out around 100,000 wristbands to people which lit up different colours throughout their set, that combined with giant coloured balls, confetti cannons and lazers made for the most colourful gig I’ve ever seen. It looked amazing and even people who weren’t particularly Coldplay fans found it a pretty special show to watch.
  2. Year and Years – I was quite moved watching Years and Years as not only was it a good gig but Olly the singer gave a great speech which brought tears to peoples eyes around us about LGBT empowerment – Glastonbury 2016 was just after the nightclub shootings in America and also on London Pride weekend.
  3. Proposal – Every year one of my favourite things to do is go to one of the highest points – either Stone Circle or the Glastonbury sign at the back of the park area – and just look out at the size of the whole festival, taking a moment to see all the smiling faces. I was videoing the view and caught on film a random couple right as he went down on one knee and proposed to her.
  4. Radical MidwivesGlastonbury 2016 was my first sober festival as I was 7 months pregnant at the time. It was really muddy and tiring but I found a tent in the Healing Fields called the Radical Midwives. They give pregnant festival goers a comfortable place to chill out for a while and escape the madness, take your wellies off, have a cup of tea and even a comfy nap if you want! They are all NHS midwives and took their kit with them so that my other half and friends could listen to my babies heart beat! It was a nice and very different festival memory.
  5. Campfire Memories – Always a favourite thing of mine is the laughs around our campfire and the new friends we make. Some of my best friends I met for the first time at Glastonbury, you share a special time that’s almost impossible to describe to people who weren’t there.

Musicvein: I definitely have to put this on my bucket list, as by the sounds of it, even if I go one time, it’ll be a life changing experience. Carol, you’re a huge fan of Glastonbury, is there anything crap about it?

Carol: “Erm, it didn’t rain much while we were there but it was already muddy before the gates even opened! The mud didn’t even dry out at all. It makes it really hard to get around especially in the very crowded late night areas.

The overall line up wasn’t great in 2016 if I’m honest, but you can’t please all the people all the time!”

Musicvein: Ah yes the mud! I’m not a fan. Do you have any tips for Camping at Glastonbury?


  1. Camp near a landmark – that’ll make it easier to find your tent when you’re wasted lol
  2. Don’t camp anywhere near loos – the busier the area the more they stink and that’s also where you’ll find tents that are floating in a swamp and look trampled on.
  3. I never camp without a ‘pissy tub’ If it’s raining at 5am and you need a wee, finding your wellies, raincoat and loo roll before embarking on a muddy walk to the long drops isn’t fun! Take a tub with a lid and empty it at a later stage. Sounds gross I know but you’ll thank me for that piece of advice I’m sure!
  4. Don’t camp at the bottom of a hill
  5. Try to make friends with your neighbours, they’ll be able to keep an eye out for dodgy people around your tent when you’re not there and vice versa. Plus you never know, you might make new friends for life and it always makes for extra banter around your campfire if you have one and if you don’t have one – they might! Which give you somewhere to warm up and have a laugh.

Musicvein: Carol that was some great insight to Glastonbury, Thank you so much for taking the time to pass on your knowledge.

Do let Musicvein readers know if you head off to Glastonbury this year, especially if you take your little one too! We’d love to hear all about it.

Tickets are completely sold out for Glastonbury this year, but as soon as they are up for 2018 – Musicvein will let you know.

Calling all Musicvein-ers! Are you going to Glastonbury Festival 2017?

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Tomorrow – we find out about Wilderness Festival

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