Crowd Funding Underway To Help Robbed Voice Star Howard Rose


UK The Voice star Howard Rose was robbed following a gig in Bromley, London last Thursday night.

Taking to social media Howard Rose expressed his frustration and deep self-annoyance, at having left three guitars in his van overnight only to have them stolen the next day. “My acoustic and two electric guitars were stolen from my van in Bromley by Bow. If anyone in the London area has any info about any of these please let me know.”

The guitars stolen were a Gibson J60 with a pickup across the sound hole, a Strat 96′ Japanese 60’s reissue and a Mustang.

Speaking to Musicvein of his loss Howard says The acoustic Gibson J60 is the most important one to me by far. It was my first professional guitar that I bought about 12 years ago for an absolute bargain because the seller wanted it to be played. It was built in the early 90’s for a very limited run and ended up being worth about £4000! I have played it every day and wrote every song on it, so I am absolutely heart broken.”

No sooner had Howard posted about his misfortune, did the good community of his home town in Melton Mowbray rally round to help. One particular person, 12 year old singer/songwriter Eva Rose (a student of Howard’s) started a Crowdfunding page to gather donations.

“…help buy my local hero a new guitar,” Eva wrote. (Howard Rose) is an inspiration and helps teach and inspire many children like myself using his knowledge…he’s such a nice guy and I would love to put a smile on his face, please can you help.”

So far the page has raised £430, 17% of its £2500 target, with another £50 raised by local pub goers.  Touched by the community response and the campaign being raised Howard said, “I’ve been so fortunate to have incredible friends offer me guitars to play and acoustic Amps to get me through until I can afford to replace everything.”

Other items stolen from the van were, fellow bandmate Joe’s, Fender MusicMaster bass and a Mackie 1642VLZ4 mixer.

When challenged about not being insured for the equipment, Howard explained “…unfortunately the instruments weren’t insured separately. They were covered by home contents insurance but they weren’t at home, nor was the van parked at my registered address…stupid me for leaving them in the van overnight after a gig in the first place. I am a member of the MU (Musicians Union) but the insurance that I thought was included when you become a member is something you have to sign up for separately and they only cover you for £200 per instrument.”

As any musician will understand, monetary value isn’t the most important thing about an instrument being damaged or stolen, it’s the emotional attachment to the equipment that’s irreplaceable.

“My advice to other musicians,” Howard continues “would be to unsure your most important instruments against theft and damage. I wish I did and certainly will be doing from now on.”

If you would like to donate towards the campaign, visit the JustGiving page and should you be offered guitars of the above descriptions (pictures below) or hear anything about the theft please contact your local police department.



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