Review: Be Your Man by Rhys Lewis


Today Rhys Lewis releases a 4th song, ‘Be Your Man’, from his debut album due out in 2018.

Stripped back and bare compared to his other offerings, ‘Be Your Man’ shows a softer side to Rhys‘ normal edgy and funky tone, the song highlighting the vocal range he has to offer.

Accompanied by piano ‘Be Your Man’ is a painful elegy of sorts, focusing on unrequited love and living in the shadow of someone else.

Speaking of his latest offering Rhys explains “‘Be Your Man’ is about getting closer to someone and then coming to the realisation that they’re still not over their last relationship. It makes you feel like you’ve not really been given a fair chance when the person you’re with keeps comparing you to what they had with someone else. I started to sense that she wasn’t ready to embrace something new as she was still holding onto the past. It was a shame because I thought we had something great, but I got tired of feeling like I was living in someone else’s shadow. I guess writing this song was my way of dealing with it. I hope that people will be able to relate to the lyrics and that it helps others going through the same situation.”

You can catch Rhys Lewis touring the UK at the following venues;

UK Tour

17 November: The Garage Attic, Glasgow

19 November: Soup Kitchen, Manchester

20 November: Louisiana, Bristol

21 November: Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

22 November: Oslo, London

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