101 Beats Per Minute with LJ Looper


Last week DJ LJ Looper, producer and owner of 101 BPM, dropped his latest podcast and boi was it a banger!

Featuring a guest set from Los Angeles superstar DJ Akira The Don, blending artists like Blink-182, Lil Pump and Bill Withers with his trademark Future Bass and Hip Hop sounds, this is a podcast you just have to check out now!

Excited to hear LJ Looper back on the scene, Musicvein quickly got on the blower for an update with the man himself.

MV: This interview is so long overdue mate! Tell me what’s been happening.

LL: “I’ve been non stop with 101 BPM, working with Youtube, taking on new artists…”

MV: Wait! Working with Youtube? OK OK, I think for those who are new to who you are and what you do I’ve gotta take this “way back, back into time” (cue Blackstreet).

Coming from a background in marketing, in August 2016 LJ Looper founded Record Label and Music Agency 101 BPM. This year in support of R.E.D January (run every day) for MIND charity, he released the track ‘Fear is a Liar’ with artist Nadine Wild Palmer. The track was quickly picked up by BBC Introducing and thus began the Loop.

So LJ from Marketing to running a Label, how did that come about?

LL: “Well I had a 10 year career in Global Brands Marketing. I was brand manager for Sony Playstation 3 among other roles but outside of work I always had this real passion for music. I’m a classically trained pianist, DJ and also did a lot of producing on the side so in 2015 I just thought, ‘If I don’t do this now, it’s never going to happen!’ I quit my day job, put all my focus into my alias LJ Looper, set up 101 BPM (2016) and things have been fantastic ever since. For me setting up 101 BPM was all about helping artists get placement in advertising for Films, TV programmes and any type of visual creative to create exposure for their music and increase earning potential.”

MV: Sounds fantastic that you’re combining your background and passion to help others. Aside from BBC Introducing supporting you, who else has there been?

LL: “I’ve had support from Clash magazine, MOBO Awards and BBC 1XTRA to name a few.”

MV: Wow! some big ones there and artist wise, who do you have on your company books?

LL: (rubs hands together) “This is the exciting part! I’m working with the most incredible people at the moment. Artist wise there’s Nadine Wild Palmer who has a wealth of experience and a portfolio of songs that could last for the next 20 years! I’ve never seen anything like it! Rossi Riko a super talented all round musician and composer, there’s Canadian producer Ahuja, Spaces an Australian producer, Timo Garcia and as you heard in the lastest podcast Akira The Don from LA. Then most recently Client wise YouTube.”

MV: Right, so what campaign were you working on for YouTube?

LL: “It was a celebration of YouTube as a platform, to showcase the fact that they are the only place you can get official broadcasts, behind the scenes content, parodies and so much more. The project came about through a Creative Agency client called Studio Output, 101 BPM were asked to soundtrack the YouTube videos and its been a success. The great thing about this is that the 101 BPM family (I consider the artists family) have made more money from this one placement than they have streaming music on other platforms and personal sales! That’s what I wanted to achieve with the company, I want to make sure there’s a fair deal for artists.”

Brightside (AHUJA) – What It Is from 101BPM on Vimeo.
MV: I’m sure you’re going to have artists contacting you constantly for work if that’s the kind of work you can get them, are you looking for more people?

LL: “There’s always room for one more at the table, just find another seat! Everyone can do well at 101 BPM, if you’ve got the talent we’ll take you in. In this industry we could be asked to make original music for a project, so we’ll draw on the talents from a pool of people on our books to satisfy the customer needs. I’d say that anyone who is a singer/songwriter, producer, composer or DJ should get in touch and if your genre is RnB, Hip Hop, Grime, Electronic or Future Bass we’ll be interested.”

MV: And finally your podcast, the whole reason why I got in touch with you in the first place LOL, erm tell me what listeners can expect from that.

LL: “The podcast! Oh Yeah! So erm that actually started back in 2015 and I guess was the beginning of this whole journey. The sole aim is to promote the best Trap, Hip Hop and Future Bass (a blend of electronic and urban music). I stopped it for a while to concentrate on the company but the time is perfect to bring it back. So every 2 weeks we’ll release a new episode featuring a guest DJ mix, we’ve had Ahuja and Akira The Don – just wait till you hear the others I’ve got lined up.”

LJ Looper‘s podcast can be found on iTunes

To contact him regarding 101 BPM you can find him on

Twitter@LJLooper or 101_BPM

Facebook: 101BPM

Website: 101BPM Music Agency

Let me know what you think?

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