TV Theme Songs in the UK Charts

S Club 7 Bring It All Back

Last week I caught an old episode of the sitcom Friends and had to have a boogie to the theme tune. It got me thinking about other TV shows and how their themes entered the UK Charts over the years.

While The Rembrandts reached an impressive No.3 in 1995 with ‘I’ll Be There For You’ (Friends), fifteen years prior it was the theme from M*A*S*H (1980) that hit the No.1 spot, so how did other opening titles fare? here’s a few I can remember.

Phantom Planet reached No.9 of the UK charts with ‘California’ from teen drama The OC in 2002

Al Jerreau peaked at No.8 with the Moonlighting theme in 1987. Moonlighting a comedy-drama starring Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd as private investigators.

Jan Hammer‘s Miami Vice Theme reached No.5 1985. How the ladies loved to swoon at Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas.

No run down would be complete without a nod to Anita Dobson for ‘Anyone Can Fall in Love’Eastenders theme, which reached a healthy chart position of 4 in 1986, but I quite liked the Big Brother Theme by Element Four (DJ’s Paul Oakenfold & Andy Gray) which also peaked at 4 in 2000.

Lynne Hamilton sung the beautiful ‘On the Inside’ from 80’s Australian drama – Cell Block H, that peaked at chart position 3 in 1989.

Nick Berry stole the nations hearts as PC Nick Rowan in Heartbeat , thus helping the theme tune to reach No.2 in 1992. The song was a cover of the Buddy Holly song which only made it to No. 30 first time round.

But the song that got everyone rocking in the 90’s was ‘Bring It All Back’ by S Club 7 for their TV show! The song reached No.1 in 1999 – we all love a bit of cheese on the dance floor.

Let me know what you think?

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