Branson Bows Out of V Fest

Richard Branson announced yesterday his decision to close the curtain on V Festival.

V Festival

The festival which ran for 22 years with acts like Kasabian, Justin Bieber, Sia and Calvin Harris came to an end this year when Richard Branson announced his decision to bow out as an investor for the festival.

In news released on his website Richard said, “Looking back on the wonderful history of V Festival has reminded me just how far Virgin has come. Who would have thought that an idea to sell cut-price mail-order records would grow into a record label, let alone a unique music festival – and so much else besides?…”

The festival now taken over by Live Nation will return in 2018 under a new name.

“…We wish Live Nation every success with their future plans…” Richard continues “We would like to thank them for a brilliant partnership over recent years.”

Virgin is now investing in exciting music initiatives such as Sofar Sounds, who will bring artists to perform live in intimate venues, giving you the chance to just be still and listen. The concept reminding Richard Branson of the early Virgin Records days, discovering new bands to sign.

Let me know what you think?

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