Will Sawney Works His ‘Magic’ on New Instrumental Track


It’s not often that Musicvein gets instrumentals in the inbox but when ‘Magic’ came through by DJ Will Sawney, we couldn’t let it pass us by.

Being presenter of Soul Groovin’ Radio Show, Grenada, you can really feel the summer breeze weaving through this track. Chilled and light with just the right touch of funk ‘Magic’ will have the listener grooving along, spellbound.

So just who is DJ Will Sawney? Musicvein caught up with the man to find out more.

MV: Hi Will, tell Musicvein readers a little more about yourself

WS: “Well I’ve been a musician for well over 20 years, playing the keyboard and guitar – that’s where my passion lay. It was more recently, 2013, that I ventured into being a DJ and Presenter. So right now I host a programme, Soul Groovin’ on The Soul of Grenada90.9FM. The station plays Classic & Neo Soul, RnB, Smooth Jazz, Gospel – there’s even a sprinkling of House, Soca, Reggae and Dance music! Music for a variety of tastes.”

MV: So between presenting on Soul Groovin’ and Life in general, how do you find time to create music?

WS: “If you really want to achieve your goals in life, you just have to make it all work, there’s no point in making excuses. I enjoy presenting my weekly Soul Groovin‘ radio show. Music is quite therapeutic and therefore recording Groove Jazz music is an enjoyable thing for me to do.”

MV: And talking of music creation, what inspired you to do ‘Magic’?

WS: “I saw Bruno Mars performing recently on TV – mixing the old with the new and the new with the old. I’ve always like the sound of the 1980’s Boogie/RnB & Soul music as well as elements of Groove Jazz, therefore I thought that I would mix it all up a bit – the result is my promo track entitled ‘Magic’.”

MV: Ah I see, and you say it’s a promo track, is this for a new album?

WS: “Not really, ‘Magic’ was recorded recently with a view to releasing it in the near future on iTunes etc. It’s already been spun on stations like BBC Solent and Solar Radio so not bad for an instrumental track!”

MV: Nice one! Are you going to create more music now?

WS: “Definitely, I’m currently in the studio working on new material with a view to releasing an EP later this year, you’ll have to watch this space.”

MV: Brilliant! So going back to the Radio Station, how can artists get in touch with you if they have music appropriate for you?

WS: “They can contact me via my website www.willsawney.com with music submissions for the show.

MV: Finally how can people listen to the show?

WS: “International listeners can find us online The Soul of Grenada to listen live or catched missed shows on Mixcloud and those who live nearer can tune in to 90.9FM”

Let me know what you think?

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