Cold Fire by PREP – EP Review

PREP Press Shot High Res.jpgWhat do you get when you cross a Classical composer, Hip-hop producer and a House DJ with a Singer/Songwriter? Answer a Willy Wonka musical emporium of hits by the collective known as PREP.

Earlier this year they released the EP ‘Cold Fire’. Like popping candy the 4 tracks explode on the eardrum, releasing euphoric dopamine through the body till you’re moving like an enchanted cobra.

The EP begins with the title track ‘Cold Fire’. Think a slowed down-tempo Luther Vandross (Never Too Much) and Michael Jackson‘s (Another Part of Me) mixed to create this toe-tapper featuring Korean RnB singer DEAN.

One thing you’ll note is the band are great at bringing in the perfect singers for each track – what I particularly love is the diverseness of each performer chosen and the fact that they’re not huge on the UK scene – take Reva Devito for instance who appears on ‘Snake Oil’. PREP, given their individual background resumes, could easily have chosen a huge star to collaborate with – but would people would get their creativeness or just listen for who’s appearing? Personally I like it this way – it’s yet another way of discovering more talent.

‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ has an 80’s disco vibe with a uber catchy-chorus – fans of the band Chromeo will love this one.

The final track on ‘Cold Fire’ comes in the form of the deep-funk composition ‘Rachel’. With some classic horn lines, Incognito and again Michael Jackson vibes thrown in for good measure – if you don’t find yourself trying to do a little two-step formation dance, this EP is not for you.

For more info on PREP follow them on Twitter @Prep_band | Soundcloud | Instagram

Stream/Download their EP’s you won’t be disappointed.

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