‘Unfold’ the Debut EP by Austel

Austel Unfold Press Photo 1 Jennifer McCord Photography (low res)Following a warmly received trilogy of singles, Austel bares her soul with a raw and honest debut EP, titled ‘Unfold’, a  contemplative, wistful reflection of modern life.

‘Unfold’ due for release 20 July conceives five songs that traverse the pains of leaving safe places and seeking out the unknown. It documents the disintegration of a long-term relationship and subsequent struggles with identity and emotional turmoil. However, at the heart of ‘Unfold’ is a positive message: the renewal of the self and finding solace in being alone.

Reflecting on the EP, Austel says, “From the insecurities and self-doubt observed in tracks like ‘Lost At Home’ to the restoration of inner strength and release found in ‘Crows’ and ‘Hours’, these songs accompanied me through a significant process of cathartic release and regeneration. For me, they represent a new beginning; taking the core of pain and heartache and turning it into something beautiful that brings clarity and hope.”

Austel is performing with her live band at The Finsbury, London on 23rd July 2018 to celebrate the launch of her debut EP ‘Unfold’.

Let me know what you think?

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