Our Kind of Love – by Little Brother Eli

little brother eliLast year I received a few emails from a 4-piece Oxford rock band ‘Little Brother Eli’, now I do listen to everything that comes in to Musicvein and in honesty I wasn’t so taken by their music – it was good but the balance of the band wasn’t quite there.

Listening to a couple of tracks it felt like the guitars and drums were the main focus, the lead singer’s voice and lyrics were a little lost behind it all.

Recently the band hit me up with their singles ‘Our Kind of Love’ and ‘Wait for You’STOP PRESS! You got to be kidding me! This couldn’t be the same band! but sure enough Little Brother Eli had tweaked their sound and it literally blew my wig off!

Just by taking down the guitar a notch, adding disco melodies, gripping chorus’ and the ability for Alex Grew‘s fantastic vocals to come through – Little Brother Eli are now on the Musicvein radar with their new wave sound and I’m totally loving all they’re are banging out in 2018.

Singles ‘Our Kind of Love’, ‘Tooth’ and ‘Wait for You’ are definitely worth checking out. Fans of bands like the Kaiser Chiefs will love Alex Grew, Benji Page, Adam Stowe and Joshua Rigal aka Little Brother Eli.

For those who like something a little grittier you’ll appreciate their 2016 album ‘Cold Tales’.

For now I’ve leave you with the acoustic Sofar Sounds video they did for ‘Our Kind of Love’.

Let me know what you think?

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