Velvet & Stone Release Single for Cancer Research UK

137B&WVelvet&Stone180703Matt AustinBritish Indie-folk group Velvet & Stone announced that profits from their new single ‘High Tide’ released today would go to Cancer Research UK.

The new single plays on their evocative and ethereal sound, weaving themes of loss and gratitude through intimate vocals, delicate guitars and soaring violin.

Choosing to donate 100% of the song’s profits to Cancer Research UK, lead singer Lara Snowdon comments; “So many people that we know have been touched by cancer in some way, including our own families. With the release of High Tide, we hope to raise awareness of the invaluable work done by Cancer Research UK to improve our knowledge and understanding of the disease. It seemed very fitting for us that any funds raised from the single release will be donated to research to give hope to those who suffer from it and their families and friends.”

Annabel Coakley, Local Fundraising Manager at Cancer Research UK, said: “…We are delighted that Velvet & Stone have chosen us to be the recipients of the proceeds of this single, especially because it is such a beautiful song with a personal meaning. We wish them all the best, and hope that the public show their support by buying the song and helping to beat cancer sooner.”

‘High Tide’ is available to download now on all digital channels.

Let me know what you think?

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