Austel releases video for Hours

38140436_1950210691954197_5683487835764555776_oToday Austel unveils the dreamy, hypnotic video for ‘Hours’ the closing track on her EP ‘Unfold’.

Written by Austel and collaborator Adam Stark, ‘Hours’ explores the highs and lows of self-identity in the modern world, learning to make peace with yourself and find light within the darkness.

Delicate, descending piano melodies are placed in an ambient atmosphere, while haunting vocal harmonies develop into an optimistic, emboldened chorus.

The video – created through visual algorithms written by Stark, animate and contort Austel‘s personal photographs – is a surreal animation of landscapes and mesmeric imagery, traversing the industrial and natural surroundings that have affected the song’s formation and lyrical composition.

Austel’s debut EP Unfold is out now.

Let me know what you think?

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