Cellist Jo Quail Releases New EP – Exsolve

jqpress‘Exsolve’ is the brand new album by cellist Jo Quail, who since the release of ‘Five Incantations’ back in 2016, has toured Europe extensively performing alongside the likes of Boris, Amenra, Caspian, Myrkur and Winterfylleth.

‘Exsolve’ the 3 track EP was born following an invitation to perform at the Arp Museum in Bonn, celebrating the Barbara Hepworth ‘Sculpture for a Modern World’ exhibition.
Talking of the albums conception, Jo says “…there are many aspects of Barbara Hepworth’s  life and works that inspired the early creative stage of this album. She talked of the life hand ‘seeing’ and the right hand then carving, and I found this analogy greatly inspiring. I wanted to explore what it actually feels like physically to play cello and at the same time I wanted to write something ambitious, brave and proud, something that pushes beyond what I had done before in terms of live looping, yet something that has the weight and certainty of a monolith for want of a better term!
What made the writing process so different for me was the sense that every single note was being sculpted, created, forged by hand somehow. It was not a ‘struggle’ but it was a clear process with a lot of very detailed attention to individual sounds; in some cases the sounds themselves built the pieces rather than a melodic structure requiring an extra heft of percussion.”
‘Exsolve’ is comprised of 3 tracks – ‘Forge of Two Forms’, ‘Mandrel Cantus’ and ‘Causleen’s Wheel’ – and with each live performance Jo looks to develop the composition sounds further. “For me, the final record is usually only the starting point of the journey and over time, with each performance the music will morph and be reshaped – composing and performing is a collaborative process between me, the space and the audience.”

Let me know what you think?

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