Lili Caseley Drops New Single ‘Have I Ever’

41750532_2165124297110087_4032192366377959424_oLili Caseley, the new kid on the North London Block, crept up on the music scene with stealth-like bravado, taking DJ’s and notable publications by surprise.

Catching the attention of Radio 6’s Tom Robinson, 1Xtra’s Toddla T and DJ Ronnie Herel, it’s her song’s simple structure and honesty which is winning the respect of moguls.

Soulful debut ‘Have I Ever’ compares the feelings of a new relationship with a past one, questioning whether past feelings of love were ever really that or just lust. Its simplicity is pure, honest and innocent – I can’t stop playing this track.

Check it out for yourself and watch this space for news on Lili Caseley.

Let me know what you think?

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