Norwegian Eight-Piece FIEH Release New Video 25

Check out the new video ’25’ by eight-piece alt-soul collective Fieh.

This toe tapping deep-soul track features an unusual video, directed by Jack A Bowden (Nike, Missguided), depicts the group initiating a new member, cult style. You can see the Wes Anderson and Tarantino influence here.

Founded by 22-year-old singer and multi-instrumentalist Sofie Tollefsbøl, who was first joined by classmates Ola Øverby and Andreas Rukan. Alongside the original trio, there’s Jørgen Kasbo (guitar), Edvard Synnes (keys), Lyder Øvreås Røed (horns and trumpet), Thea Arnesdotter Lien and Solveig Wang (backing vocals).

Fieh cite Erykah Badu and D’Angelo as their main influences with the band bound by their collective love of R&B, jazz and soul.

After five years of writing, playing and honing their sound, this autumn Fieh have ten fierce songs to unveil on a debut album released via Decca Records. Shimmering with energy the record delivers the sound of a group of friends pouring their heart and soul into something they truly believe. The band are a revelation, gifted instrumentalists who hark back to the age of smoky clubs, passionate fans, and musicians who live and breathe their craft.

Take a look at their latest video 25.

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