Luca Dimoon Stays Woke with Mad World cover

Italian Composer and Fashion Designer Luca Dimoon releases latest video to ‘Mad World’ a cover of the Tears for Fears hit.

Luca, who in the past re-worked the Stylistics song ‘People Make The World Go Round’ – a track available on his album Telescope – is known for releasing world-conscious music.

Be sure that when Luca Dimoon puts something out to the world, it’s never on a whim, but always a conscious effort with a strong message to convey.

Having traveled Europe, India, Thailand and Africa (where he now resides) Luca draws on his experiences, encounters and observations, channeling them into song and visuals for people to feel.

In the latest video to Mad World, we see him accompanied only by guitarist Alessandro Diaferio against a projection of film shot by Luca on his travels.

What strikes me most about this video is it’s simplicity as not to detract from the message, while Luca’s controlled passaggio hits you as he rises and falls through the notes.

We’ve been waiting a while for a new Dimoon release and this cover didn’t disappoint. Here’s hoping 2019 brings more and more new releases, maybe even an EP.

Let me know what you think?

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