Milly Pye – Boys Are Drugs

Milly Pye is back with new mischievous and catchy song ‘Boys Are Drugs’, with an equally thrilling honey-trap video.

The cliche song focuses on the emotions of a new relationship, the female being drawn in and totally losing themselves in the process – only to become hurt after discovering their beau is only after sex and alcohol.

The accompanying video features a guy caught in a honey-trap, with Milly exposing his saucy text messages and pics on live-stream, before showing him that she is in-fact already in a relationship with his partner! Her then real-life girlfriend appears in the video and they show the guy in question that he means nothing to either of them – but it begs the question, who really is the victim, which one is really the cheat?

Talking of the video Milly comments; “People can be really judgemental with appearance and sexuality. I wanted to be ironic, but also fun and light-hearted, when getting the message across about making snap judgements on someone. The video is bold and in your face, but I like that”.

Even though there are snakes and weasels out there on both sides of the fence, I like to remain in my bubble of thought that not all men/women are total train-wrecks – however I do agree with Milly in that they are like drugs! I literally can’t get this chorus out of my head!

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