The Wandering Hearts Take on Mark Ronson’s – Nothing Breaks Like a Heart

Mark Ronson’s hit song featuring Miley Cyrus – Nothing Breaks Like a Heart captured worldwide attention and of those captured was British Country Group, The Wandering Hearts.

The song already had an Easy Country feel to it, which made sense for the group to strip it back to a guitar led track, over-layed by their trademark harmonies – thereby transforming the song into something unmistakably The Wandering Hearts.

Speaking of the track, the band say,“When we first heard Mark and Miley’s ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart’, we all loved it and thought it would be cool to do our own version. You can hear the traditional country influence on the song and given Miley’s relationship with Dolly, we had the idea to include a subtle nod to Jolene. The songs fit together so well, lyrically and sonically – we love how traditional music influences the contemporary world.

We really enjoyed working on our arrangement and we had such a special time in the studio with the song – we think that really shines through in what you hear.”

Let me know what you think?

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