Review: Mario Biondi ft Cleveland Jones – Sunny Days

Aretha and Gloria gave women two of the most powerful anthems on the planet – ‘Respect’ and ‘I will Survive’.

For years men have been subjected to the wagging fingers and battle cries of “R.e.s.p.e.c.t find out what it means to me/Go walk out the door…” but could Mario Biondi be the fly in the ointment with his single ‘Sunny Days’ ft Cleveland Jones?

Mario Biondi, returns to the scene with another trademark song of heartbreak overlaid by a funky beat. There’s no whining at the loss of a relationship or down-tempo music to keep you drowning in misery – Oh Hell No! Just as predecessors ‘Love Dreamer’, ‘What have you done to me’ and ‘I know it’s over’ – have done before, Mario has a knack of telling the listener to get up, keep your head high, focus on the positive and live again!

With the enlisted vocals of Cleveland Jones, who lifts the chorus to new heights singing “What you come here for? Tryin’ a hurt me again? you can’t stay here anymore, so pack your bags and go!” there’s something about the rasp in his voice that immediately makes you feel audacious, out comes the wagging finger and the cocksure strut – this is absolutely one for all sexes moving on from a no good son of a B!

Let me know what you think?

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